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About Planned Giving At JFNA

The Jewish Federations of North America
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Telephone: 212-284-6500
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Joe Imberman
Associate Vice President
Planned Giving and Endowments

Martin Greenberg
Executive Director
Network of Independent Communities

Gail J. Gordon
Senior Endowment Director
Your presence is needed.
  • For your family.
  • For your community.
  • For Israel.
  • For the Jewish people.

But what will happen when you can no longer be there?

A planned gift to your Jewish community enables you to be present forever. Whether your gift is used to provide for the needs of the Jewish poor, to assist the elderly, or to rescue Jews in need around the world – no matter where or when in the future, you can be there to help.

You don't have to be wealthy to help.

The same charitable act you perform to provide your Jewish community with a contribution this year can ensure that the community receives a gift on your behalf every year, through your lifetime and beyond. It just requires planning. With even a small initial gift, you can create a permanent legacy using planned giving programs that are specifically tailored to help support your financial planning and estate planning goals that fits within your means.

Planned giving offers many benefits. If you give during your lifetime, you receive charitable income tax deductions, but perhaps most important is the enduring nature of planned giving. You create a fund to honor or remember a loved one, perpetuating your family name long beyond your lifetime.

You designate how your gift is to be used: to provide unrestricted funds to help meet community needs now and in the future, or to provide permanent resources to aid identified programs, projects, agencies, organizations or initiatives that are of particular interest to you and your family. It's up to you.

An endowment is forever. Let your name be remembered as a blessing.

Who We Are

The endowment and foundation community of The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) managed roughly $13.6 billion in fund assets in 2011 and distributed in excess of $1.5 billion to charitable causes, of which $134 million went to the Annual Campaign. (Source: JFNA 2011 Annual Survey of Endowment Development.)

Your Jewish Federation, Jewish Community Foundation or JFNA is your experienced, reliable partner in helping you realize your philanthropic goals, building a lasting testament to your name that meets your specific needs, vision and objectives.

Create a charitable legacy today for your family, your community, and your people.

To request further information on tax-deductible planned giving and endowment options tailored to your personal needs and interests, contact your local Jewish Federation or Jewish Community Foundation, your Network Community Regional Director or other gift planner at JFNA, or your personal financial or legal advisor today.

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Any tax consequences described on this page are based on U.S. federal tax law. Charitable deductions from state and local taxes or from Canadian and provincial taxes may not be available to the same extent as from U.S. federal taxes. The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) does not provide legal advice. Donors are encouraged to seek independent tax and legal counsel. You may read JFNA's charitable solicitation disclosure statement here and important information about endowment gifts and bequests to JFNA here.